BGIL also offers the full-blown DI and a HD – DI done on HD. We can transfer footage to HD with a C-Reality or a Spirit and then take it into an FCP HD where we conform it, and do the color correction for an HD [HDCam or D5] master.

The HD route is 30 to 40 percent less expensive, depending on a host of variables. “HD digital intermediate. There is definitely a premium for the 2K. The 2K processes will also take longer. You’re dealing with data files that take up a lot of room and the whole thing is a little slower process. Also, when you work in the data file realm you have all the negative information there so when you’re color correcting you’re starting from point zero. When you’re color correcting in the HD world you’ve already done part of the color correction during the Telecine.

The resulting images from either method are then filmed out using an Film recorder and custom-written look-up tables.

Color Grading

Color grading can make the difference between a good piece and a great one. Whether the original media originates on film or video, color grading is essentially the final look given to the piece. Sometimes it’s simply blending colors to give a consistent look. Other times, it’s creating a very specific look and feel – warm or cool, rich colors or de-saturated – to achieve the desired emotional impact. We use staff and freelance colorists to paint on your digital canvas. ‘BGIL Stuido’ is well equipped with all machines & equipments and studio is  known for its quality work backed by an experienced team of technocians.

Before After

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