Main title sequences and trailers are treated as a major part of the production. Captions and transitions between scenes such as wipes and dissolves, particularly if they involve long duration’s of moving footage can take days of preparation using traditional optical processes and can result in generation loss problems. At ‘BGIL Studio’ the director is free to take a more radical approach to title and trailer design. we offer the opportunity for unlimited creative freedom and time to experiment. The same creativity that went into making the movie can go into producing a visually stunning opening sequence without busting the budget.; ‘BGIL Studio’ has a team of very high skilled and experienced professionals; we have successfully completed the packaging of more than 150 films including few block buster films like Sarkar, Apharan, Nishabd, Halchal, Gangajal, Darna Jaroori Hai, Samsara etc; we at ‘BGIL Studio’  undertake the following services as a part of  ‘Film Packaging’ –

–  Theatrical Tailor (s)

–  Distributor’s Cut;

–  Promo(s);

–  Special Graphics, if required

Re-designing of sequences of movies for festivals